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Monday, March 17, 2014

Law & Order:Special Victims Unit White Cards 3 Sets

Celebrate Law & Order:Special Victims Unit just the tip Tuesdays with these 3 sets of Cards Against Humanity White Cards.

SVU White Cards Set 1
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SVU White Cards Set 2
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SVU White Cards Set 3
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Plain Text:

*******SVU Set 1*******

the fruits of four hours of dumpster diving along 59th Street
members of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit
the wealthy and influential leaders of a moral coalition that believes homosexuality can be cured
a banana where the sun don't shine
a few tea bags shy of a full pot
no traces of semen
the scandal of having an openly homosexual son
underaged girls, they're scared, drugged and being photographed without their permission.
getting your doorknob polished
an improper relationship with a minor
your balls in a blender
evidence in a sexually motivated homicide
shame and dishonor
this great decoder ring and a really cool watch
an eight-year-old with no soul
aggravated sexual abuse
a serial child molester
a convicted pedophile
a blatant 4th Amendment violation
illegal stuff in my garage

*******SVU Set 2*******

a horribly mutilated blind victim of Serbian ethnic cleansing
A grocery store with strippers
the contents of the vomit
fondling a stranger
a fish with a sense of irony
spermicide common in condoms
sex on the DL
performing an autopsy
a pattern killer targeting prostitutes
a major food group for teenage girls
the harmful side-effects of RBGH
The puzzling death of a heavily pierced and scarred investment analyst
begging to be tied up and spanked
the gateway to the sexual dark side
plain old testosterone-driven rage
my mandatory retirement date
Arnold Savatsky. A level-2 offender.
the defendants' DNA
a talent for trickery, coercion, and threats
serial con artists who've defrauded countless victims

*******SVU Set 3*******

Assault in the second degree
criminally negligent homicide
endangering the welfare of a child
strangling drunks
a reputation for playing by the book
Detective Odafin "Fin" Tutuola
a get-out-of-jail-free card
under arrest for abortion in the second degree
being raped repeatedly, by so many men, I lost count
the epidemic of sexual violence taking place in the Democratic Republic of Congo
close ties to a terrorist organization
being investigated for rape and murder
grand larceny and fraud in the first degree, and 20 counts of income tax evasion
a psychopath with extremely violent tendencies
Penny-ante witness tampering
a double homicide
a social thermometer taking the temperature of the people
that asswad who's making our lives Hell!
being a mall cop
a cage full of pedophiles

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